4 thoughts on “Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) Undervalued – Part 1”

    1. Cisco’s recent agreement with Blackberry is nothing major and to be honest, useless. Blackberry’s overall share of the market is less 1%. BlackBerry phones accounted for 0.4% of all smartphone sales in Q1 2015, down from a share of 0.6% in Q1 2014. BlackBerry’s overall device sales also sank in Q1 2015 to just 1.3 million units, down from 1.7 million in Q1 2014. They are not successful and their recent agreement with Cisco will not help both of them.

      Sure, Cisco will pay them for their patents, but it won’t increase Blackberry’s revenue/profit. Even though the details are not disclosed, I bet Cisco is not paying much. Otherwise, investors would have the right to know if it was something major.

      Blackberry’s market share continues to decline.

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